Integration, innovation and intelligence from end to end

To satisfy customers with different demands, the GCTbio founded his business in RD & I and has scientists, engineers and technicians, working as a robust network of integrated solutions in Engineering, Biotechnology and Business, organized into six business units.

Composed of processes and projects, the units promote integration between the technologies and management systems throughout the production chain, forming a cycle in which:

» Problem solving in an area extends the benefits of the other chain, reducing costs and overcoming challenges in the management;
» The improvement achieved in an area, increases the quality of the other, increasing efficiency and overall efficiency of the production chain;
»The results of each sector are compounded by multiplying the ultimate benefits achieved by the organization.

Thus, the value GCTbio establishes alliances with its customers, providing the management rather than products or services, but intelligence, expertise and consistent results, long-term sustainability and multiplied.