Governance and corporate world work today in a panorama in which survival is reviewing policies and enhance processes to harmonize their actions with the natural environment and human well-being factor. Social, marketing, legal moves and a huge range of business opportunities in unexplored areas, determine the beginning of a new time to overcome the culture of excess, and the disposable waste.

Several sectors have committed to sustainable development by adopting more ethical and transparent attitudes. But much remains to be done. Managers and entrepreneurs from all areas are looking for innovative and cost-effective methodologies to achieve their goals in a cleaner, prosperous and sustainable technologies. In this quest, they find themselves faced with multiple possible paths.

Sustainability with a focus on results

Promote sustainability of realistic and effective way, as a source of business opportunities, wealth and growth for governments, industries, businesses and citizens. Firm in this regard, the GCTbio provides integrated Engineering, Biotechnology and Business solutions, scoped Water, Renewable Energy and Bioprocess.


Solutions integrated engineering, biotechnology and business in water, renewable energy and bioprocess.


Act on the global market, providing innovative solutions minted in research and engineering in water, renewable energy and bioprocess, aligned to the principles of sustainable development.


Humanism (solidarity, diversity and integration)
Ethics (transparency, accountability and honesty)
Innovation (attitude, creativity and entrepreneurship)
Harmony (balance, synergy and unity)

Organizational structure should

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The GCTbio, Global Science and Technology Bio SA, is a technology-based company established in 1996 in a business incubator program. Advanced training of its employees, entrepreneurship and belief in sustainable innovation, marked the beginning of the trajectory of GCTbio the market and, over time, earned the respect of science and technology, business, government and civil society organizations.