GCTbio Partnership Group and MIL FIRJAN

What is Bioremediation?
Bioremediation is the use of living organisms or their components in the recovery of contaminated areas.
Our proposal is:
Integrating biotechnology and ionically modified clays for restoration, environmentally safe and sustainable, validated in previous studies and international certifications, is the path that will be adopted to overcome the challenges and create opportunities for revitalization of these environments in order to meet the local and global aspirations.
the project is:
treatment Lagoons Bones Beach in Buzios / RJ and Park Hermes Barcelos in Arraial do Cabo / RJ, in partnership with Arabian group FIRJAN.

GCTbio launches new brand positioning and identity with completely reworked

Global Science and Technology Bio S / A - provider of engineering solutions , biotechnology and business in water , renewable energy and bioprocess - officially presented on 29 November ( Sunday) its new corporate identity . The launch event took place at the hotel - the Mill Solar Farm in Sete Lagoas ( MG ) , and brought together directors , employees and partners in an atmosphere of fellowship .
The decision to change
In recent years his career of over a decade, GCTbio quickly expanded its operations and intensified the search for new markets , alliances and business achieving remarkable development indices . In this scenario , the management realized the need to redesign their communications with stakeholders , in order to make it more clear positioning , strengthen your image and especially be a better company to all with whom it interacts .
The new corporate identity is already successfully fulfilling these goals . Its symbol and main visual element , the " living system " , summarizes the main features of GCTbio : innovation , dynamism , transparency , capacity development , integration and appreciation of life . The 3 basic colors used - blue ( water) , orange ( renewable energy ) and green ( bioprocess ) - as well as representing modernity and creativity in its vibrant hue, fulfill an important role in differentiating the business units of the company , conferring own personality each.
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